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The Woman Outside the Window by Cho Yong Pil +lyrics

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  •  - Cho Yong Pil
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    The Woman Outside the Window
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    20 March, 1980
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    75% upbeat  25% touching  
Expected release next PV: 3 years away
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Lyric added by: kyokobeat
창가에 서면 눈물처럼 떠오르는
그대의 흰 손 돌아서 눈 감으면 강물이어라

한 줄기 바람 되어 거리에 서면
그대는 가로등 되어 내 곁에 머무네

누가 사랑을 아름답다 했는가
누가 사랑을 아름답다 했는가

차라리 차라리 그대의 흰 손으로
나를 잠들게 하라

누가 사랑을 아름답다 했는가
누가 사랑을 아름답다 했는가

차라리 차라리 그대의 흰 손으로
나를 잠들게 하라
Lyric added by: kyokobeat
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  • Posted by StraightJaketMan · 117 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    At first, I was rather surprised that Cho Yong Pil was such a veteran on the music front. After listening to his newer release, "Bounce" and "Hello", I was pleasantly surprised, as well as struggling to place just where his voice would be. It's a mix of familiar and new, and it's simply wonderful.

    After listening to this song, which is apparently one of his earlier works, or at least his first available music video, it seems obvious where his voice comes from: the years and years of training from the 1980s through to today. Having practically 23 years to perfect his talent, his voice is perfectly seasoned, keeping some of the flavors from his original music and incorporating it with the spices of the modern era.

    This song in particular is a wonderful ballad, and his voice suits the song to a T. It's such a shame, that being said, that the first works of his are so woefully neglected. Spread the word on these songs, people! Let his roots be known, so that we can appreciate his work even more!

About Cho Yong Pil

Real nameCho Yong Pil
Birthday21 March, 1950
Main occupationsinger (active)
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