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Nemuri no Mori (眠りの森) by Aimer +lyrics

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  •  - Aimer
    Rating 20
  • Title
    Nemuri no Mori (眠りの森)
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  • Release date
    14 August, 2013
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    48% sad  34% relaxing  14% touching  5% scary  
Expected release next PV: 2 months away
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Lyric added by: specialsecret

Juuni-ji wo sugitara machi o deyou
Tayorinai koe de anata ga iu

Doko ni iku no? Doko ka e ikou
Doko ga ī no?Doko ka na

Renzu no kowareta sō genkyō
Kumotte mienai ashita to kyō

Nani ka mieta? Nani mo mienai
Nani o mi teta? Nani ka na

Ima zawameku machi o se ni mori o hashiru yo
Don'nani fuan demo ushiro wa furikaeranai
Moshi `kaeritai yo' nante yowane haitara
Nemurinomori ni watashi o okizari ni shite mo ī

Nisemono no chizu ni shitsu kushita jishin
Mata kurui hajimeta hōi jishin
Machi ga mieta mōsugu soko ni
Mori o nuketa mada ka na

Ima gensō ni owa reru yō ni mori o hashiru yo
Don'nani itakute mo kono-te wa mō hanasanai
Moshi `kaeritai yo' nante yowane hakunara
Nemurinomori ni watashi o okizari ni shite hoshī

Okizari ni okizari ni
Okizari ni okizari ni

Ima akari ni obieru yō ni mori o hashiru yo
Surikireta ryōashi de ibaranomichi ga kakete ku
Moshi `kaeritai na' son'na yowane hakunara
Nemurinomori de anata o eien ni nemuraseru
Owara seru wasurete mo ī
Lyric added by: specialsecret
Lyric added by: miguel0122
頼りない声で あなたが言う

どこがいいの? どこかな・・・

レンズの壊れた  双現況
曇って見えない 明日と今日

何か見えた? 何も見えない
何を見てた? 何かな・・・

今ざわめく街を背に 森を走るよ
どんなに不安でも 後ろは振り返らない
眠りの森に 私を 置き去りにしてもいい 

偽物の地図に 失くした自信
また狂い始めた 方位磁針
街が見えた もうすぐそこに
森を抜けた まだかな・・・

今幻想に 追われるように 森を走るよ
どんなに痛くても この手はもう離さない
眠りの森に 私を 置き去りにしてほしい

置き去り 置き去り
置き去り 置き去り

今明かりに 怯えるように 森を走るよ
眠りの森で あなたを永遠に眠らせる
終わらせる 忘れてもいい
Lyric added by: miguel0122
Lyric added by: Miki
“When the clock passes 12 PM, let’s leave this city,”
You say with a quiver in your voice.
Where shall we go? Let’s just go somewhere.
What sounds good? I wonder…

These binoculars, with their lenses shattered,
Can’t see beyond the clouds covering the future and present.

What did you see? I can’t see a thing.
What were you looking at? I wonder…

We’ll run through this forest with the bustling city at our backs,
But no matter how uneasy we feel, we won’t look back.
If at some point I grow weak and say, “I want to go home”,
You can go ahead and leave me behind in this forest of sleep.

We lost our faith in the false map we were following,
And our compass’ needle went haywire once again.
We can see the city… it’s just over yonder.
We’ve made it outside the forest. Are we almost there…?

We’ll run through this forest as if chased by an illusion,
And no matter how great the pain, we won’t let go of each others’ hands.
If at some point I grow weak and say, “I want to go home”,
Please leave me behind in this forest of sleep.

We’ll run through this forest as if we fear the light,
Kicking through thorns on the roadside with our worn down feet.
If at some point you grow weak and say, “I want to go home”,
I’ll put you to eternal rest in this forest of sleep.
I’ll put an end to it all, so let it all slip away.
Lyric added by: Miki


  • Posted by ShikaHaruno · 246 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Her voice is so touching, unique and wonderful. The only girl's voice I love.

  • Posted by Momoka · 59,242 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    OMG! I like her voice! So beautiful :3

  • Posted by crimsonphantom · 1,619 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    i've been following her since her debut. i'm STILL totally smitten by aimer's voice and songs.

  • Posted by gracewonderz · 2,609 Jpops · 3 years ago  


  • Posted by miguel0122 · 1,272 Jpops · 109 shares · 3 years ago  

    The lyrics were so beautiful :) I really like the song. It's quite sad and depressing but still very amazing

  • Posted by NeoRyu VIP · 42,861 Jpops · 26 shares · 3 years ago  

    Beautiful song, everything she sings is absolutely brilliant! Great video, wonder what happened after the crows attacked.

    Listening to music as always.
  • Reply by miguel0122  

    This isn't really the full version of the song.
    The real song is about 4:23 long.
    ^_^ I translated the song but it won't let me add the lyrics

  • Posted by Miki VIP CREW · 1,595,636 Jpops · 3214 shares · 3 years ago  

    omo, the video is scary ><

    Scary Mod. S ALL.
  • Posted by Yoshi4sushi · 18,767 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    she still sings beautiful.

  • Posted by Mugetsu07 · 834 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Finally, amazing song and video. Aimer always surprise me with her songs!

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