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Daisuki da yo (大好きだよ) by Ai Kawashima +lyrics

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  •  - Ai Kawashima
    Rating 6
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    Daisuki da yo (大好きだよ)
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    16 December, 2009
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    54% touching  32% upbeat  5% relaxing  3% energetic  
Expected release next PV: 1 year ago
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Lyric added by: doraemonbeo
odayaka na doyou no gogo ni mata kimi o omotte i ta
hitogomi wa sukoshi kirai uso tsuku no wa motto kirai

hajimete kawashi ta kisu shuuden tsuge te i ta hassha no beru
mirai ni yorisotta eien kanji te iru yo ne

daisuki da yo tte daisuki da yo tte itte hoshii kara
kimi no soba ni itsumo itai yo
futari de asu o souzou suru toki ii koto bakari o
itsumo itsumo mitsuke te yuki tai na

issho ni utau hanauta taiyou ni kika se te iru
setsuna sa o kuwae ta sora yuuyake o koboshi te i ta

ii kake te yameru kuse kuchibeta de bukiyou na n da ne
tsuyogari de ijippari wa futari yoku ni te iru yo ne

daijoubu datte zutto issho tte kotoshi no hajime ni
majime na kao de itte kure ta yo ne
nebusoku na no ni ai ni ki te kure ta
sabishi gari ya no wa kitto kimi mo
onnaji datta n da

mejirushi wa hitsuyou nai kara modoru michi wa mou nai yo Yeah

itsumo kimi ga iru
koko ni kimi ga iru
taisetsu na koto wa kimi ga ite boku ga iru koto

daisuki da yo tte daisuki da yo tte kimi no tame ni ima tsutae tai yo
todoi te kureru ka na
dare ka no tame ni nani ka sashidashi te ai o narashi te iku tsuyoku tsuyoku taisetsu na kimi e to
bokura kiseki o tsure te yuko u
Lyric added by: doraemonbeo
Lyric added by: doraemonbeo
人ごみは少し嫌い 嘘つくのはもっと嫌い
初めて交わしたキス 終電告げていた発車のベル

一緒にうたう鼻歌 太陽に聞かせている
切なさを加えた空 夕焼けをこぼしていた
言いかけてやめる癖 口下手で不器用なんだね


目印は必要ないから 戻る道はもうないよ Yeah

いつも君がいる ここに君がいる 大切なことは君がいて僕がいること
大好きだよって大好きだよって 君のために今伝えたいよ
誰かのために何か差し出して愛を鳴らしていく強く強く 大切な君へと
Lyric added by: doraemonbeo
Lyric added by: doraemonbeo
I was thinking about you again on a calm Saturday afternoon.
I don't really like crowds, but I hate lies even more.

First shared kiss was like a departure bell for the last rain.
Feels like eternity will pass before we will meet each other in future.

I will forever stay by your said because I want to say - I love you so much, I love you so much.
When I imagine that tomorrow will be just the two of us,
I always, always want to be able to find this wonderful moment.

Let's sing a song about flowers together, I tell the sun.
Sunset spilled on to the sad and painful sky.

Having a habit to stop while talking,
I feel really uncomfortable with your slow way of saying things.
The way we show our stubbornness, we really do closely resemble each other.

Everything's fine, together forever, you said in the beginning of this year with a serious expression on your face.
I didn't have much sleep, but even so I came to meet you feeling lonely.
Surely you felt the same way.

There is no way back anymore, because this sign is useless Yeah

You always exist, you are here.
Important thing is, I will always be there where you will be.

I am saying this now only for you - I love you so much, I love you so much
Will it reach you?
For who's sake are you stretching your hand out?
Love is ringing stronger and stronger for you who is very important.
We will take a miracle with us.
Lyric added by: doraemonbeo


  • Posted by Mochi21 · 17,977 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Simply sweet and warming~~*^O^*gaahh

  • Posted by ninavip · 2,680 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    not bad :) like it :)

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Ai Kawashima is simply adorable in all her songs.. without exception :D :) :D <3 <3

  • Posted by quadium · 226 Jpops · 8 shares · 5 years ago  


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