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  • exist†trace
    Nightgaze exist†trace

    WORLD MAKER is a masterpiece! I love the album so freaking much! <3

    3 minutes ago
  • Miko
    Nightgaze Miko

    Miko you look so sexy with a gothic look <3 <3 5 minutes ago

  • L
    mpiregirl26 L

    l is so adorable, i love him. one of my friends actually is a spitting image of him, it is so crazy ^.^

    1 hour ago
  • Kyuhyun
    MissAyumuChan Kyuhyun

    such an amazing and heavenly voice

    4 hours ago
  • Tatsuya Ueda
    ParisaWong Tatsuya Ueda

    in recent mag~~~ gosh... he is so handsome & manly <3 my niban!
    7 hours ago

  • Kids Alive
    Mo55 Kids Alive

    So.... nobody is going to update this page? No pictures and there are quite a few singles missing from the discography.

    2 days ago
  • Toshiya
    nekomiminatsumi Toshiya

    Toshiya's smile XD<br/>
												<span class=2 days ago

  • Tomohisa Yamashita
    ParisaWong Tomohisa Yamashita

    handsome~~~ <3<br/>
												<span class=2 days ago

  • Jin Akanishi
    ande Jin Akanishi

    i remember watching 47 Ronin alone in the cinema just to see him act in the big screen <3 <32 days ago

  • Alice Nine
    Deloras Alice Nine

    Yayyyyyy !!! \(♥^_______^♥)/
    Shou-kun Kawaii !!! :moved:

    Well, Actually I dunno, but it was posted on July ...
    3 days ago

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