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Roma no Musume Lyrics
BY  Akiko Shikata
ALBUM  Haikyo to Rakuen

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In the sound of the bell echoing loudly
In the shimmering hot air, people sway and dance
In the sound of the strings being plucked and the flutes being blown
They wander together in the stream of time

In the scorching hot bazaar, our daughters are at the moment
In those unripen days, they chase after a dream

Treading on the thirsty soil, they follow the endless journey's road
Being embraced by the strong wind
In those thin chests, they sing with freedom

Drifting clouds paint the air with crimson color
In that dazzling dusk, the path seems to disappear
The full moon rises at the far end of the sky
Our beloved daughters are running, together with the stars

Looking forward as they advance on their road home
The travelers miss their dreams of the past

So as tomorrow will not disappear
They entrust their prayers and wishes on their songs
I am still living, and I will extend my arms
As I fight against that cursed destiny of mine

Credits: Aquagon

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