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loving Shinhwa forever! Fighting!

2maluv is a girl who signed up 6 years ago. She owns some Jpops (416) and was last seen here about

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True Fan of...

    About me

    I'm female... and that's all you're getting out of me ^^

    I LOVE shinhwa and I always will...
    Therefore, my favourite colour is orange and my favourite number is 6 ^^

    My favorite artists and albums

    My favourite artist is... SHINHWA!!!

    My favourite solo artist is... Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa's lead vocalist), my other favourite is Aussie singer Delta Goodrem... I have no conflict over the two since one sings in English and the other sings in Korean ^^ They are both ballad singers though with very beautiful voices and songs

    My favourite albums... anything Shinhwa related!

    My favourite song... Just One More Time (Dashi Hanbeonam), the third track on Shinhwa's 10th anniversary album ^^

    How do I spend my free time

    I spend my free time...

    a) watching Shinhwa vids/concerts etc.
    b) listening to Shinhwa music
    c) reading about Shinhwa
    d) hoping that the time flies by until Shinhwa reunites as a band once again


    My favorite movies

    Probably Lord of the Rings... Legolas was so droolworthy back then... ^^

    My favorite series

    Favourite TV series is definitely Supernatural... its the BEST!

    Things I like

    Things I like... as you've probably realised by now... I don't just like, I LOVE Shinhwa!

    Shinhwa Changjo fighting! ^^

    Things I dislike

    People who are discriminative... particulary against gays... really really bugs me when I hear someone making a passing comment that they don't really notice but is offensive against homosexuals...

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